Good to know

All the practical information you need before you visit Läckö is found here. But if you are still wondering about something before visiting us, do not hesitate to contact us, or 0046 510 48 46 60.

Dogs and pets

Dogs (and other pets) are not allowed to enter the buildings, the castle and the Victoria house, or enter the garden.

But of course you can bring your pets to the area outside the buildings and the outside seating area of the restaurant and café. If you need help with water or something similar for your four-legged friend, just ask someone in the staff.


All visitors should park on the big parking lot. You pay a daily parking fee, 50 SEK/day. Choose between paying with card or with the app EasyPark. The zone number for cars is 2340, if you have a caravan car you use the number 2341.

Guests of the hotel do not have to pay the parking fee.

Tip! If you visit us several times a year you can buy a season ticket (100 SEK). The ticket is sold in the Victoria house, the castle shop, or the camping reception.

Charging cars

Electric charging for cars is available on the main parking lot, serviced by EasyPark.

Book a guided tour

Normally you do not have to book a guided tour, but you can buy your ticket in advance.

However, if you are a group of more than 20 people we are grateful if you contact us before visiting, 0046 510 48 46 60, to book a guided tour.

Photographing and drones

Photographing (private)
As a private visitor you are allowed to take photos for personal use, but please consider your fellow guests and do not disturb them. Of course you can publish your photos on your personal social media, and feel free to tag our accounts and the location in your posts.

Consider this before you take your pictures:
• Avoid photographing if it is uncomfortable or disturbs fellow visitors.
• Ask people for permission before you take pictures of them.
• Do not publish any pictures of security systems, such as fire alarm devices.
• If you are unsure if you are allowed to take a photo of something on the area, ask our staff.

Drones (private)
You can fly and film with drones on the area, however we have the right to make sure you are not flying illegally on the are. We can also demand that you stop flying if you are acting inappropriately. When you are flying with a drone, you have the responsibility to discontinue the flight if it poses a threat to other air crafts, people, animals, the environment, or property. Any violations can be reported to the authorities.

Rules for flying with a drone:
• The Swedish Transport Agency’s rules for flying drones should be followed at all times.
• The Swedish Defense flies low regularly over the area, immediately discontinue your drone flight if you discover incoming air crafts.
• The castle is a protected cultural heritage and shall not be harmed. Therefore you are not allowed fly within 50 metres of the castle, and you are not allowed to fly over the castle.
• The area is home to many different birds, beware of the risk that birds can attack you drone to defend their nests.

Professional photographing, filming, and drone flights.
If you are a professional taking pictures, filming, or flying a drone, other rules apply.

Since professional photography often need technical equipment, such as studio lighting, you need to contact us in good time before your visit.

The basic rule is that all model photography and filming etc should take place when other visitors are not in the area. We also reserve the right to bill you in case a fire security guard need to accompany you. In some cases there is also a fee for being allowed to use the area or building.

We ask you to contact us in the early planning stages, so we can do our best to help you. 0046 510 48 46 60 or


You can barbeque in the allocated barbeque sites. These you can find in the west and east harbour, as well as by the parking lot. Along the hiking trail west of the castle there is a barbeque site by the water.


The castle and garden
Unfortunately, the castle and garden has many stairs and are not equipped with elevators. If you use a wheelchair, or similar, it is possible to enter the courtyards, though the castle is located on a hill and the walkway has a varying incline. It is possible to drive with a car up to the castle entrance, however you cannot park by the entrance.

During events in the Great Courtyard, like the opera, it is possible to buy tickets with room for wheel chairs.

On the big parking lot there are designated availability-spots for people with disabilities for you who have an official permit. If you are visiting the Victoria house you can also park on the parking space by the building.

From the big parking lot graveled walk-ways lead you to around the area.

Swimming in the lake
On the area there is a beach and a broad bridge out in the water with a staircase which you can use to get down in the water. The bridge is located next to the Victoria house where you can find toilets adapted to be available.

The Victoria house
The restaurant, naturum, available toilets, and the visitor centre are all located on the entrance level. The hotel rooms are located on the second floor (one level up), and there is an elevator available. There are also markings in the floor for you who have a visability disability.

The exhibition in naturum has broad passages between the showcases so you can move around, there are also plenty of places to sit and rest.

The restaurant is in one level with flexible furniture, if you have questions about your visit to the restaurant, contact us 0046 510 48 46 60.

The hotel has a room adapted for availability, with more space and a big bathroom.