Läckö Castle Chapel

The Castle Chapel was built between 1655-1668 by Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie. It is one of Läckö’s most glorious historical settings. The Chapel Tower is a technical masterpiece, and in the Chapel itself, beautifully preserved artistic decor is to be found, including altarpiece, pew doors and organ. The wooden sculptures in the niches – framed by grisaille paintings – portray the Apostles of Jesus, each of whom holding an attribute symbolising their martyrdom.

Wedding at
Läckö Castle 

Are you dreaming of a Castle Wedding?

The Chapel is also popular for weddings and christenings. In conjunction with these celebrationd, a guided tour of Läckö Castle can be added. Meals can be arranged by our restaurant.

Due to the restoration of the exterior of the Chapel, we will have to update in spring 2021 if weddings are possible this year.

For lunch or dinner arrangements, please contact restaurant Hvita Hjorten