For children and families

A castle can be incredibly exciting. We cater for the young who visit Läckö in different adventures, all specifically tailored to the needs of children. Go hunting for treasures, explore hidden passages or visit the Little Castle Theatre.

At the naturum Visitor Center (the Victoria building) there are masses of things for children to do. In the exhibition you can accompany the Prince and Princess on a journey of discovery. You can also stash the treasures you found in the woods or by the water in the discovery cabinet.

Castle Adventures

Price: 50 SEK

Buy your ticket in the Castle Entrance.

Daily June 25 – August 8

Kl 11 Theatre
Kl 12 Treasure Hunt
Kl 13 Treasure Hunt
Kl 14 Theatre
Kl 15 Treasure Hunt
Kl 16 Treasure Hunt
Kl 17 Creepy Castle

Nature Adventures

Free of charge

Pick up your ticket in the Visitor Center.

Programme 2021 to be announced

Kl 10:30, 12:30, 14:30 och 15:30

The Insect Safari is an activity for children and grown ups together. A guide will meet you, and you will go netting in the pond. Duration 30 minutes.

On your own

Do you want to explore on you own? Go on our Quiz walk or play the Superpower Game in the fantastic surroundings.
Visit us in the reception for help.

Quiz Walk

A 1,5 km walk with a nature-themed quiz along the way. The questions are replaced each month, and there are different questions for children and grownups. Pick up your free answer sheet at the reception in the visitor center, naturum.

Those of you with the most correct answers each month will recieve a prize in the mail. Congratulations!

The Superpower Game

Along the nature trail, you can play the Superpower Game on your cellphone. Run, jump, play – and find out which animal you resemble the most, and which superpower you possess.

Download for free the app *Här finns liv – and start the game!  

Quiz in your smartphone

In the area, there are several quizes that you can play with your smartphone. The questions appear when you are on the right locations. Lenght and degree of difficulty vary, so that families can play together.

Starting points are where our nature trail starts, at the camping entrance. Good luck!

Visit game center GPS Quiz and follow the instructions.