Läckö Vänner / Friends of Läckö

The purpose of the Friends of Läckö Association is to support the activities at Läckö Castle through financial support to specific projects. Members of this community serve as ambassadors to the Castle, spreading information about the destination and its different events. The number of members has increase, and you are welcome to join us!


The Friends of Läckö Association usually arranges several travels each year. The trips usually have some connection to Läckö Castle and its history. As a rule, one day trip is made in the spring and one in the autumn. Every other year we arrange longer trips. We have visited Spain, Norway, Egypt and Malta, among other places.

Previous travels (all in Swedish)

Läckö Vänner besökte nya Stadshuset i Skara den 29 februari 2020.

Stockholmsresa 28-29 september 2019.

Vänföreningsresa till Nääs och Gunnebo våren 2019.

Höstträff med Lars Nordström

Operaresa till Finland 2018

Vårresa 2018

Höstresa 2017

Vårutflykt 2017

Höstutflykte 2016

Spanien 2016