Ceiling paintings, historical cabinets & four poster beds

The major part of the decorations as shown today were created during Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie’s time, and exemplifies the transformation from a bishop’s fort fo a baroque castle. A number of artists were involved in the ornamentation of the halls on the third and fourth floor. Ceiling decorations, mythological scenes and impressive paintings of battles can be seen. In the King’s Hall, the 13 ceiling angels are still flying around, presumably created by Johan Werner, painter and sculpture. The sculptor George Baselaque was hired to carve the alcove opening in the Countesses bedroom.

The interior decoration and disposition of the residental suite was modern, and influenced by French ideals. To bring life to the grand days of the castle during Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie’s reign, the empty halls have been furnished. The reason is to show what the interior design of the time could have looked like, and should not be seen as a reconstruction of the castle’s interior in the 17th century.

The artefacts are part of the government art collection, administrated by the National Museum. Thanks to contributions from individuals, companies, public institutions, Läckö Friends associaction and the council of Lidköping, the collection has grown considerably.