Every day living at Läckö Castle

Läckö Mansion during the days of Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie, reminded of a large corporation with all its different departments.

There is military staff, a castle crew, a stables crew and a large barn crew, which includes marine staff. When the count arrives he also brings a court crew with office administration personell.

Almost everything has to be registered in the books and be accounted for – every ration of food, brick and linen tablecloth.

In the kitchen of “Spisesalen”, the kitchen staff and maids are assisted by the kitchen hands. Bengt the marksman has brought game and poultry. Smoked meat and bread have to make room for the workers who use the kitchen as a dining room. The young maild sleeps by the stove.

In “Gamla Fruntimret”, Marina the store manager looks over the linen store and in “Rullestugan” store maids and chamber maids carry clean damask for mangling and linen pressing.

The sweep maids are cleaning the whole castle.