New restaurateurs at Läckö

Finally, we can reveal who will be the next restaurateurs at Läckö, starting the summer of 2022. The ones taking over the restaurant and the café are Stefan Saliba and Patricia Elkhouri. The ambition is to create a seamless experience for the visitors and a destination of high national and international standard through cooperation.

Stefan Saliba and Patricia Elkhouri are already famous names in the business in Lidköping. They ran the restaurant Bakgårn for over 13 years until 2020 when they sold their business. Since then, they have taken some years to rest and get more knowledge, and now they are ready to take on Läckö when the season starts in April.

“The sustainability profile was something we were especially looking for when advertising the possibility to take over the restaurant at Läckö”, says Jan Malmgren, CEO at Stiftelsen Läckö Slott. “In the garden we grow organic products of the best quality, and in the area there are many suppliers of nature’s products, such as fish and wild meat, as well as local producers. That is why we are especially happy that Stefan and Patricia will maintain and develop that tradition moving forward.”

When Stefan and Patricia sold their restaurant in Lidköping they had built a high-class sustainability profile which was KRAV-certified at the highest level. They had also gained a broad network with local producers. After some years of they are more determined than ever to make a good impression without leaving a negative footprint on the planet.

“After many inspiring conversations with Jan Malmgren we have built a mutual trust”, says Stefan.

“Our vision is clear: to become the leaders of the change we want in our business. The goal is to work actively with the 17 sustainability goals, for a sustainable development through the entire chain – meaning ecological, economical, and social sustainability”, says Patricia Elkhouri, CEO of Slottets Matsalar AB.

Both are strong entrepreneurs with a strong will to work. Patricia’s background is in the hairdressing business, she started her own salon when she was 24 years old. She is independent and driven and more than happy to challenge existing frames of thinking. Creativity and customer service altogether in one person.

Stefan grew up working hard in the family business and has a background in the restaurant business. A self-taught, ambitious brainstormer who turned the café Bakgårn into a successful tapas restaurant.

We welcome Stefan and Patricia to Läckö and look forward to starting the season 2022 together.