Our sustainable choices,
preserve the history and work for the future

Stiftelsen Läckö Slott should teach the visitors about the history of the castle and preserve it for the future. To do this we need to work long term and have sustainability in mind in the entire organisation so also future generations can enjoy this place. For us, it is important to care for local society, as far as it is possible we cooperate and buy goods and services from Kållandsö and Lidköping. If you want to get tips on what you can se, do, and buy locally, just ask us!

The Food

We work to serve as much organic food as possible, the breakfast buffé is KRAV-certified on level 2, meaning that we serve more than 50% organic food. We also work with local producers of bread, fish, and jam.

The garden

The Garden is also KRAV-certified, all the vegetables and herbs growing in the garden are organic. Ask the gardeners if you want to learn more about organic gardening.

What is harvested is then used in the restaurant at the Victoria house to end up on the plates in the restaurant. And the grass and flowers growing on the meadows is cut by hand and put in piles of compost to later return to the earth.

Caring for
the area

Most of what is used to clean the spaces on the area is organic, and the laundry is sent to dry cleaners who only uses products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Also, we try to make the most use out of every product. The packages of soap that are changed in the hotel rooms and toilets which still have some soap in them are used up by the staff. And in the camping you can find “the reversed paper bin” where left-over toilet paper is given away to the guests.

All the electricity that we use come from renewable sources. We also use electric cars and bikes for most of the transports on the area. On the roofs behind the Victoria House you can find sun cells which is used to heat up the water, they make it possible for us to be almost self-sufficient on warm water during the summers.

The Staff

If the staff is doing well, your experience of Läckö will be better. Läckö holds many different positions with different people in them, especially during the summers. Everybody is needed to make the organisation work. That also means that we need people with different backgrounds to move the organisation forward, which is why we are constantly aiming for a diverse staff.

We value a tight work force and encourage staff activities outside of work. If the staff know each other we believe that we also create a safer work environment where everyone feels comfortable asking for help.

Spreading the knowledge

Last but not least, we aim to spread our knowledge about how to become more sustainable through lectures, exhibitions, and the naturum pedagogues. Much of our focus is also on teaching future generations on sustainable development. Everyone in 2nd, 5th and 8th grade in the schools in Lidköping come to naturum Vänerskärgården – Victoria house during the school year to learn more about the nature in the area.

What can
you do?

A big part of our ecological footprint is in the transportation of guests to Läckö by car and boat. If you can, we would be grateful if you take the bus, bike or carpool to us. When you are here there are plenty of bikes to rent to get around the island without using the car.

We hope that all the guests, along with the staff, take care of their trash and recycle as much as possible. You can recycle the trash at the Victoria house and at the camping.

Unfourtunately, we are not able to offer charging for electric cars. However, we have noticed the demand and are in the process of making charging possible.

Environmental policy

  • Swedish law is the minimum of our environmental work.
  • Plan and execute the organisation with a judgement of its effect on the environment.
  • Aim for a small long-term effect on the environment.
  • Choose organic and environmentally adapted products and services when these are available with the desired result.
  • Use opportunities to cooperate with other local actors when possible.
  • Inform and educate the staff and guests on how we can become a more sustainable society.
  • Aim to prevent pollution in the organisation.
  • Use natural resources sparingly and with care.