Summer of 2023

Premiere July 14th & 15th 8 pm
Plays Tue-Wed, Fri-Sat until Agust 5th

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi
after the drama “Macbeth”
by William Shakespeare
Libretto F M Piave

Witches, swords, triumphs, breakdowns and blood are ingredients in this rich story about the desire for power and its price.

To this the masterful music of Verdi.

The Opera is Sung in Swedish

Conductor – Kim Phipps
Director – Catarina Gnosspelius
Costume design – Anna Kjellsdotter
Mask & Wigs – Therésia Frisk
Light design – Chrisian Dahlqvist

Macbeth Lars Johansson Brissman / Andreas Landin*
Lady Macbeth Lydia Kjellberg / Sigrid Vetleseter Bøe*
Witches – Julia Lindgren, Tessan-Maria Lehmussaari, Mathilda Goike,
Alba Gutierrez Malbom, Agnes Duvander
Banco Erik Rosenius
Macduff Karolina Blixt
Malcolm Fabian Düberg
Assassins – John Kinell, Martin Lissel, Petter Reingardt

Läckö Chamber orchestra
Concertmaster Per Drougge
Conductor August 1 & 2 – Jonathan Jennesjö

* Andreas Landin & Sigrid Vetleseter Bøe
14/7, 18/7, 21/7, 26/7, 29/7, 2/8, 5/8
Lars Johansson Brissman & Lydia Kjellberg
15/7, 19/7, 22/7, 25/7, 28/7, 1/8, 4/8