“Searching for the soul of the forest”

“Searching for the soul of the forest”

– visit Alexandrov Klum’s exhibition at Läckö Castle.

Where? Fourth floor in Läckö Castle
When? June 11 – October 2 (2022)
Ticket? Included in Castle Pass

The artist duo Alexandrov Klum consist of Iris and Mattias Alexandrov Klum, who alternate between living in Spain and in Stockholm, Sweden, and they work all around the world. The duo work with photography, film, sound, and installations, often in grand formats in the transition between contemporary art and documentary storytelling.

In this exhibition we move through the historical rooms on the fourth floor of the castle. Contemporary ideas about our relation to nature is pointed out through subtly distorted perspectives and dislocated conceptions of time as we move through a dreamlike state. In this way nature is looking back at us and sometimes seems to reach out to live outside of its frame.

The bark on a majestic centuries old oak, a forgotten swamp, a visit to the ferns at night, and a silver water stream are now the main characters where kings, priests, soldiers, and nobles (representing high status, power, and success) have previously covered the castle walls.

Experience day and night in an animated, mysterious, and mythical environment, where the duo want you to experience the nature as a sacred place, a modern prayer room.

The exhibition is in the fourth floor of the castle and opens on June 11 2022. Then you can visit the exhibition until October 2, 2022. Access to the exhibition is included in the Castle-pass (pre-purchase online or buy at the castle on day of visit).

Main sponsor for the exhibition is Sparbanksstiftelsen Lidköping.